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20 Klamath – Sunriver Entry Addition Progressing


Before – this image shows the front facade of the home after we removed the older style “deck steps”.

Our Sunriver entry addition is progressing as expected.  Our owners wanted a covered entryway which is something all of us need in Sunriver, Oregon. It’s surprising how many houses have either no covered entrance at all, or else one that’s merely decorative and offers no real protection from the weather while you fumble with your keys. Our first piece of advice when considering an entry addition would be to make the overhang large enough to do the job. It should be able to accommodate two people–and keep them covered while one person stands to the side and the other one swings the front door open.
Also, provide adequate lighting. A cover will darken the front entry area, which can make a house seem uninviting at night. That’s easily corrected, though. Ideally, we will install a fixture on the ceiling of the entry, but a pair of lights on the wall of the house, flanking the front entrance, will supply enough light.

In all other respects, building a covered entry is like undertaking any other construction project. The structure needs to be supported on a foundation that reaches below the frost line, and it must conform to the building codes in effect where you live.




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