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Sunriver Siding – Window Remodel – 28 Tokatee

Sunriver Siding – Window Remodel

28 Tokatee is nestled in the forest and in the center of Sunriver, Oregon.  The home is over 30 years old with rather outdated building techniques.  The owner has asked us to update the house with new siding and new windows.  This remodel will be very similar to the one we did at 5 Cherrywood several months ago.

MCJ_0189We start the project on July 29th and the work goes fast.  Day 1…remove the siding and boy did our team get after it!  After only several hours of work, over 50% of the siding was removed.

According to Remodeling Magazine ( siding replacement recouped 92.8 percent of its cost, according to the study. The only home improvement likely to return more at resale was a minor (roughly $15,000) kitchen remodel, which returned 92.9 percent. Replacing roofs and windows were also high on the list, returning 80 percent or more at resale.

We’re seeing alot of Siding and Window remodels in Sunriver.  It’s easy to understand as most of these homes approach 30 years in age.  With our harsh weather conditions the siding takes a beating, even with proper maintenance and painting.  And the technology in windows has changed so much in 30 years.MCJ_0184

If your windows are more than 15 years old, you may be putting up with draftiness, windows that stick in their frames, and skyrocketing energy bills. Energy-efficient windows would be a great improvement, but replacement can be very expensive. In a 2007 survey conducted by Consumer Reports, half of respondents spent $8,000 or more to replace all the windows in their homes, and 16% shelled out $15,000+.

Windows recoup much of their cost

The range for energy-efficient window pricing is wide, but Energy Star-qualified windows start around $120 for a 36” x 72” single-hung window and can go up 10 times that. With labor, you’re looking at about $270 to $800+ per window. Typically, windows at the low end of the price spectrum are less energy efficient.  Source:  House Logic

“We hired them to do a makeover on our home: new windows, new trim, fresh paint, and new interior window trim. As the job was occurring at our second home, we wanted someone we felt we could trust while we weren’t in the home. After talking to many contractors, we felt this team gave us the most ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling.

As the job progressed, our feelings turned out to be spot on. They did an excellent job with every phase of the project, and provided timely updates (with pictures) to let us know how things are going. As with any big home project, there were surprises along the way, including one very nasty one involving an unshielded main power line to the home. The good news is that Rick and his team handled these surprises very well, going above and beyond what I’d expect — they even took the food from our fridge to his home, to keep it cold until the power could be fixed at our place.

We were thrilled with the end result of the work; the house looks brand new and fresh from the outside, and the new interior trim is a nice upgrade over what we had before. There are lots of little things, too, that we weren’t expecting. New outside light enclosures were built to be easily removable (the old ones were screwed to the siding); the front step was rebuilt; some support posts trim was replaced. None of these things were in our contract, but they did them because it was the right thing to do.

We wouldn’t hesitate to use Dowell again in the future — and in fact, I’m certain we will use them on future projects.”

~ Rob & Marion Griffiths – SunRiver, Or

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