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Interior Home Remodeling Ideas

Interior home remodeling ideas can range from a makeover of a bathroom, kitchen to a full change of design approach and decor.

Interior home improvements include remodeling and upgrading current equipment within a home such as bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, doors, lights, cabinets, and more.

Remodeling can take place anywhere from the attic to a basement including removing a non-load bearing wall, adding a wall, whole home water filter systems, and more. The key point here is that remodeling ideas are only limited by the creativity of the homeowner.

Sunriver Bathroom Remodel

Recent RGK Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling Bathrooms:

  • Improving Appearance and Fixtures
  • Along with kitchens, bathrooms are the most important rooms in a home that remodeling increases the return on investment. The following are do-it-yourself ideas for upgrading a bathroom.
  • Fixtures – replace the sink and toilet with more modern designs and styles. Replace the cabinets, counter tops, and faucets with newer modern and efficient designs. When replacing the cabinets, think about the utility and efficiency of storage of all the items that wind up in a bathroom.
  • Bath Tub – replace an existing tub with a model that has a built in jacuzzi. During the process, replace or add tile using one of the many new styles available today.
  • Skylight – adding a skylight allows more natural light and ventilation into the bathroom. Along with having a feeling of communing with nature, skylights often help control mold and mildew that tend to accumulate in bathrooms.

Sunriver Kitchen RemodelKitchen Remodeling: Improving the Design and Function

  • Renovating and modernizing a kitchen increases its function and convenience, along with increasing the value of a home. The following are do-it-yourself ideas for upgrading a kitchen.
  • Hardware – replacing or adding hardware to kitchen cabinets and drawers is a relatively quick and straightforward method of upgrading cabinets. Replacing hardware that came with the cabinets to reflect the owner’s tastes and style are an inexpensive way to increase the value of a kitchen.
  • Cabinets – refacing cabinets is one the most economical methods of increase the value of a kitchen. Refacing is typically about 50 percent cost of complete cabinet replacement. Refacing comes in many forms such as replacing the doors of cabinets with laminates, wood, glass inserts, completely removing some doors, or painting to present a more modern appearance.
  • Faucet – install a new elegant, water efficient faucet at the kitchen sink. The right faucet will improve the overall appearance of any kitchen.
  • Lighting – replace existing light fixtures with new upgraded models. Older light fixtures tend to discolor over time and simply become outdated. Replacing light fixtures is a good return on investment, because of their relatively low cost compared to the costs of other upgrades in a kitchen.
  • There are many other remodeling ideas for kitchens including those in secrets to remodeling a kitchen.

Bedroom Ideas: Upgrading Function and Design

Bend Oregon Bedroom Remodel

Recent RGK Master Suite Addition

Adults spend many hours each day in their bedroom for sleeping and other activities. Kids spend many hours in their bedroom playing, watching TV, computing, and other activities. The following are ideas for upgrading a bedroom.

  • Lighting – many bedrooms do not have ceiling lights, which are relatively easy to install if there is an attic space above the bedroom.
  • Ceiling Fans – these are energy saving fixtures that allow air condition temperatures to be set higher and heat temperatures set lower when in reverse mode. Access to an attic is not required if the bedroom has a ceiling light, only a special brace is needed which is inserted through the light opening is needed to support a fan.
  • Flooring – replace the carpet with a new higher quality style with high quality padding or replace existing flooring with hardwood floors or laminates. Hardwood floors are a good return on the investment, because it increases the value of the home.
  • Skylights – adding a skylight in a bedroom instantly transforms the whole atmosphere of the room. Natural sunlight brightens the room and gazing at stars at night becomes a great past time when trying to go to sleep. Skylights are also a great return on the investment for increasing the value of a home.
  • What every homeowner needs to know about interior home improvements is to plan and research. The secret to success in home remodeling ventures is to ensure the renovation fits the owner’s life style and tastes. Another consideration is the quality to ensure the best return on investment if considering selling the home in the future.


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