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What was even more impressive is the quality of work – 20 Klamath, Sunriver, Or

Dan and Shawn Barrett

Sunriver, Or

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For many years we had been thinking about adding a bathroom and enlarging a small upstairs bedroom at our home in Sunriver #20 Klamath Lane. Finally, late in the summer of 2012 we decided to move ahead on our dream. We had never done a project this large before and weren’t sure where to start. We called Rick to get ideas and a quote. At our first meeting Rick gave us the name of his designer and also gave us many great suggestions on how to achieve our objectives given our limitations of space and the existing structure.

By the time we had our design complete and had all the necessary permits from Sunriver in hand it
was nearing the end of the building season. Rick quickly Completed our bid. The bid was
reasonable for what we wanted to accomplish, so we gave the go ahead to begin building in
October, 2012. We knew the snows were fast approaching and we all understood that completing our new master suite with 2 closets, a large dormer, a master bath plus another half bath would be a challenge. Rick quickly took advantage of the remaining good weather and then came up with several innovative methods to deal with the bad weather.The structure was walled in and weatherized before the worst of the winter storms hit. We were amazed and very pleased that it came together so seamlessly.

What was even more impressive is the quality of work. My husband is a mechanical engineer and definitely a perfectionist. He kept commenting that Rick had all the right answers to his questions and took the extra steps necessary for quality workmanship. Not once did we feel the need to have Rick correct or add to his construction. It was done right the first time.

Rick completed his contractual obligation and yet has continued to stay in touch. We have chosen to complete some the interior finish work ourselves and Rick has visited and given us suggestions, contacts and helped us with purchasing the correct materials. We have been 100% happy with working with Rick. He has clearly proven to stand by his favorite quote, “Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.”

We were completely satisfied with his workmanship. He got the job done ahead of expectations, entirely on budget and the quality is impeccable. We would definitelyhighly recommend Rick!

Thanks, Rick!



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