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10 Mt. Hood – Sunriver Kitchen – Living Room Remodel

June 24th, 2014


Wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our newly remodeled kitchen and bathrooms! Your input, ideas and expertise made it a success. Dustin and Jaris are amazing craftsmen with an eye for detail. Thanks again for all your hard work! – Tamie and Don

After two months of work on this home, we are complete and we are proud! As you can see from the photos below, THIS WAS QUIT THE CHANGE! The owners chose darker wood cabinets and flooring because the house exudes light!  this made those darker, richer colors possible!  A rather intricate remodel as it involved almost all of our sub team from painters, flooring plumbers & electricians, we needed almost everyone to get it done!

April 29, 2014


#10 Mt. Hood Lane in the process of the interior “demo”.

After spending much of last Autumn remodeling almost everything on the outside of #10 Mt Hood Lane, we are now honored to be hired to do some work inside.  We finish April by conducting what’s called the “demo” of the job.  Something few homeowners want to see… the demolition of their home.  Okay, we’re not fully demolishing it, but we have to removed the cabinets, carpeting, flooring, shelving and  mantel to make room for all the COOL new things which will make up the NEW kitchen and living room!

Demolition–or simply “demo”–is an essential part of nearly every home renovation project. Before you put in that new floor, you’ve got to rip out the old carpet. Before you install that nice granite countertop, you need to tear out the old 1972 era avocado-colored laminate unit.

But demolition can be dangerous, frustrating, and expensive. And if not done right, it can nip your whole renovation project in the bud. Here are essential tips on room-scale demo to make sure you actually get to the renovation part of it.

Here are some tips for things you should expect from your contractor!

Look at Demolition as a Project Unto Itself

  • Upon going into demo, develop the mindset that this is a project, not merely the prelude to the “real” project of renovating. There are people who do nothing but demolition. We’re experts at it and typically we want to see the house from the inside out before we rebuild it.

_CJ_8152Carve Out Separate Time for Demolition

  • Does your contractor tell you, “Today (or this whole weekend) will be devoted to nothing but demo.”

Seal Off Areas That Will Not be Demolished

  • If there is an opening somewhere, drywall and plaster dust will find it. So, merely closing a door on demo usually isn’t good enough. We seal with sheet plastic and tape with blue tape or use a readymade system.

Know What’s Behind the Wall (or Ceiling, etc.)

  • Before swinging that sledge or crowbar, we try to determine what is behind that wall. Live electrical wire? Water pipe? Gas? Asbestos? Exploratory holes and flashlights work wonders at helping you find out what’s in there. Assume there is electrical wire.

Turn Off Power

  • This should go without saying. We will run on the homes electrical source, but many times we’ll install a temp unit from that source.

Pick Up as You Go_CJ_8153

  • When we demo, we  religiously pick up as we go! It’s the only way to do it!  Rick likes to keep things nice and tidy, even when demolishing!

Stay tuned on this job!  It will only take about 6 weeks unless we run into delays with suppliers.  We typically use & recommend the same suppliers all the time and suppliers we know we can depend on.  But remember, if we’re doing your job between March and October, it’s PRIMETIME!  EVERY remodeler wants it RIGHT NOW!  Thus our partnership with the same suppliers!


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